Monday, January 8, 2007

Stream restoration on the banks of the Swannanoa River at Azalea Park

Swannanoa Dresses Up After Stream Restoration

Fisherman are always hesitant to give up the location of a good fishing hole, but after the completion of a 1.2 stream restoration along the Swannanoa River, the restoration workers from North State Environmental were proud to share their secrets. As they moved heavy rocks and trees with the flick of their back hoes, they bragged about the fishing improving overnight. This project, in Asheville’s Azalea Park was designed to protect the rapidly eroding stream banks from continuing to dump hundreds of tons of sediment (dirt) into the Swannanoa River. Sediment is the number one polluter throughout the French Broad Watershed, including the Swannanoa River. It is detrimental to aquatic life, but by installing rocks and logs to protect stream banks, a prime trout fishing location was enhanced, right in the city of Asheville.

North State Environmental and RiverLink recently finished planting the stream banks to ensure continued stream bank protection, as well as enhancing aquatic life habitat. This is the end of a long effort by RiverLink to secure funding, hire an engineering firm, and a construction contractor. RiverLink received a grant from the Clean Water Management Trust Fund, to help improve the water quality and make it a place to swim and fish again. Wolf Creek Engineering provided the design and expertise on how to protect stream banks and improve water quality. North State Environmental then came in and constructed the log and rock veins that will ensure a fully functioning stream in the future.

Because of the ever expanding pace of poorly planned developments, erosion continues to be a problem in our local waterways. This stream restoration will protect the stream banks, including the largest wetland in Buncombe County, and provide oxygen and fish habitat. Root wads from trees were also inserted into several sections of stream to improve fish habitat. Since the secret is out, cast a line and see the improvement along the Swannanoa River.

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