Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Become a Muddy Water Watch Volunteer

Want to help cleanup and stop the spread of the biggest polluter in the watershed? RiverLink is pleased to announce the receipt of a grant from the Pigeon River Fund of The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, for the RiverLink's Muddy Water Watch program. This January 29th (5-8:00pm), February 12th (5-8pm), and February 23rd (10am-2pm), volunteers will be trained to help them recognize and report stormwater and erosion control violations. These volunteer will visit active construction sites in an effort to bring sites into compliance, by ensuring sediment is not leaving these sites. RiverLink hopes to have a team of trained volunteers watching construction sites to prevent the number one polluter in the French Broad Watershed- sediment.

Participants need to complete all three trainings to be certified as a Muddy Water Watch Volunteer. The first two training will present what are the regulations, who enforces, what does a violation look like, and how to report a violation. Representatives from the Division of Water Quality, City of Asheville Stormwater Services Department, Neuse Riverkeeper, and French Broad Riverkeeper will all be available for training. The last day participants will visit active construction sites and practice the skills and tools they now have.

If you are interested in becoming a Muddy Water Watch Volunteer fill out the volunteer application (download link below) and send to Hartwell Carson:

French Broad Riverkeeper
Fax: 828-253-6846
Address: PO Box 15488, Asheville, NC 28813.

Download Volunteer Application

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