Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Asheville Planning & Zoning Commission meeting has been postponed.

You still have time to sign the petition. Voice your opinion. Let them know that it is NOT ok to harm our streams.

“The ordinance is moving forward and is scheduled to be heard by the Planning and Zoning commission on June 3rd at 4pm. {date changed to July 23} This will probably be the last time they monkey with it and therefore a critical time to make any improvements. The buffer proposal that is in the ordinance is still very convoluted and flawed. I believe it is too confusing to enforce and understand and therefore ripe for mistakes and misinterpretation. It also reduces the buffers across the City of Asheville. Considering the amount of growth we have had, the projected growth for the future and the decline of water quality in the French Broad, we think it is the wrong proposal to be moving forward.”

Hartwell Carson
French Broad RiverKeeper®

Sign the petition to save our streams:

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