Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall has Fallen

Due to a minor power outage this morning, I had the opportunity to get out of the office here at RiverLink and in step with nature. I decided to head down to French Broad River Park to enjoy the fresh crisp fall air, and observe the first foliage findings. Many people were out and about, enjoying the sunshine and scenery. The dogs seemed to have an extra bounce in their step as they happily trotted alongside their owners.

Every so often, the wind scurried along causing the leaves to dance about the park. Yellows, greens, oranges and a hint of red were floating about, making me stop in my step and sit to enjoy this natural beauty. I found a bench right along the French Broad River, donated by RiverLink in honor of Corrine Zenga, which glistened under the sunshine. Looking out onto the French Broad River, I was taken back by the power and righteousness of the river. A river fills itself with strength, stamina and simplicity.

I could have sat there all day, observing the French Broad River and the lingering leaves, but was re-insured by the fact that it was not going anywhere. These parks were made for our convenience. Parks and greenways are great places to nurture our curiosity of the great outdoors. The French Broad River Park offers swings to sway, a dog park for dogs to play, picnic tables to ponder the day, scenery to study nature’s way and walkways to wander away.

If you have some free time today, I encourage you to get outside and have a heart-to-heart with nature. You won’t be disappointed!


Kyle E. Wolff

AmeriCorps Member

Communication Outreach Coordinator

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